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Extra materials for Business level

These vocabulary worksheets support both your listening skills and your language learning.

For the latest business podcast: packaging B.91

Airbnb B.61
alternative offices B.88
amalgamation B.50
automation 1 B.63
automation 2 B.64
bargaining B.22
bargains B.43
bitcoins B.42
the boss B.1
boycotts B.34
brands B.5
Branson bailout? B.86
buying & selling B.14
cash or credit? B.75
clothes B.3
craft products B.73
crowdfunding 1 B.47
crowdfunding 2 B.51
customer service 1 B.12
customer service 2 B.41
cybercrime B.65
Cyber Monday B.45
describing trends B.69
digital nomads B.90
drink: coffee 1 B.24
driverless cars B.79
E-commerce B.89
electric cars B.68
ergonomics B.28
EU B.55
EU quiz B.6
export B.48
fake news B.72
famous buildings B.20
feedback B.70
finances B.18
food: meat B.26
types of fuel B.67
G8 summit B.30
garage companies B.16
hacking B.60
hotels B.31
idioms: time B.36
import B.46
Instagram B.83