I’ve been asked by Lindsay Clandfield to contribute an article to his Six Things blog – and so I’ve made a list of  six popular podcasting sites (although of course podcastsinenglish has to be number one he he).  As I mention some are definitely better than others (and there’s plenty missing) but I really think teachers should recommend these sites to their students – and suggest they listen regularly, once a day if possible, to the sites they like. The fact that learners can listen, free, to a range of interesting podcasts produced by professional ELT teachers is a great opportunity and one that they shouldn’t miss. Students will notice their pronunciation improves as well.

There’s no better way than a podcast a day!


2 Responses to “Six popular podcasting sites”

  1. Sandy

    Yeh, but is it good for shagging yer students?

  2. Jackie

    @ Sandy

    I think the warm up I quoted on Six Things may be the way to go…

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